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Doug Van Der Weide, also known as Santa Doug, or "Kristopher Douglas Kringle" has always been drawn to dressing up in costumes and entertaining others. Doug has also had a fascination with Santa since he was very young. As a child, he even had a Santa doll that he would sleep with. One day, he and his wife (Jennifer) were invited to an "Ugly-Christmas Sweater Party," but Doug did not have an ugly sweater. Instead, he wore a well-used, out of the bag, cheap, Santa suit. He spruced it up to make it extra festive. At the party, Doug started to get offers to perform as Santa. He posted some pictures on social media, and soon he had booked a couple of events just before Christmas in his first year.


However, as someone with a strong Christian background, Doug initially struggled with playing the role of Santa Claus. But he enjoyed it so much that he decided to do some research and found that there are more Christian Santa's than not. Doug realized that you don't have to compromise on your Christian beliefs. In fact, Santa can point to the "Real Reason for the Season." This role as Santa really fits Doug's background as a creative designer, and performer. Read more about Doug's background by Clicking Here.


Doug joined some Santa organizations to learn more and watched a documentary on "Becoming Santa." He then started to take some of the Santa School/Workshop classes to learn even more. He began to embrace his Santa performance and found his niche as a real-bearded and faith-based Santa. His goal was to brighten people's Christmas and holiday events, and he was proud to offer the option of having a faith-based visit.

Years later, Doug still enjoys performing as Santa and bringing joy to others during the holiday season. He even shared a photo of himself as a young child, sitting on Santa's lap in the brick "Santa House" located next to the old Lansing, Illinois police station.

Doug's unique journey to becoming Santa has allowed him to bring his love of performing and his faith together to create magical experiences for others. Its a special treat for the children but Jennifer also joins him as Mrs. Claus as well, and we almost always work together. We truly are the best team to bring Christmas Spirit to life. 


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