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erry Christmas, dear friends! It is with the warmest of hearts and the jolliest of spirits that Mrs. Claus and I extend our festive embrace to you. Allow us to introduce ourselves - I am Santa Claus, and this is my beloved Mrs. Claus, both of us are devoted to making your Christmas and Holiday celebrations absolutely unforgettable! We are a real couple that has been married for over 34 years, which brings even more to our presentation. Please note any photo on this website you will be able to click on the image to see the photo larger.

As authentic real-bearded Santa, I and Mrs. Claus take great pride in bringing joy and happiness to your special occasion. Whether your heart is young or you are young at heart , our mission is to conjure up smiles our infections laughter and our trademark jolliness.

Ah, but authenticity is just the beginning! Ever twinkle in my eye and every chuckle from my belly is dedicated to spreading the true spirit of Christmas - one of love, kindness, generosity, and boundless joy. Mrs. Claus and I hold these values dear, and we pour our hearts into every event to create a magical tapestry of enchantment that will warm your soul.

For those who seek a Christian faith-based touch to your celebrations, fear not! We proudly offer this option, tailored to your beliefs, and steeped in the beauty of the holiday season. As devout Christians, we understand the significance of faith during this cherished time, and we delight in weaving that spiritual essence into our performances. 

Now, whether your gathering is a cozy family get-together, a grand corporate gala, or a vibrant community festivity, Santa and Mrs. Claus are at your service to infuse the air with the splendor of Christmas. Imagine the laughter, the joy, and the twinkling wonder as we bring enchantment to your event.

Our sleigh of offerings is brimming with delights - meet-and-greets to warm hearts, enchanting photo opportunities to capture timeless memories, delightful story time sessions that transport young and old to wondrous realms, and so much more!


Let the magic unfold! Reach out to us , and together we will sprinkle your event with holiday cheer that will warm even the chilliest of snowflakes. Santa and Mrs. Claus eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you, so let's start crafting your dream Christmas experience today. 

From the bottom of our merry hearts, we look forward to making your Christmas season absolutely wondrous. 







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