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When booking a Professional Santa & Mrs. Claus (Jenny Kringle) Performers, it's important to note that rates may differ based on several factors. These can include the duration of the performance, location, the number of people attending, the type of performance, additional services requested and even the time of year. To help your budget, we've provided a list of average rates for our services for you to plan ahead. However, to get an accurate estimate for your specific event, we recommend reaching out to us, by email or phone, or through Regardless of your needs, Santa Doug LLC is committed to creating a magical experience for your event and will work with you to make it happen and within your budget. Santa Doug LLC also offers Free Services for Charities, Hospital and Hospice situations.


Rates shown above DO NOT include Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or other major holidays. Please Contact for rates or availability for those days. Display Options are for Corporate or Larger Events (minimum 25 children or more), and not meant for Home Visits. For Photography Studios, Parades, Tree Lightings, Hospital/Hospice Visits, Sporting Events, Schools, Municipalities, and other event pricing send us an email or give me a call (219) 629-0856

From year-to-year Santa may offer what is called "Sneak-a-Peaks." These are not visits intended for home visits, parties or events. Rather, a sneak-a-peak is intended to increase the magic of Santa by delivering presents and the children get a sneak-peak into his delivery.  If you are unsure what a "Sneak-a-Peak" is please Click Here. Please ask Santa or Mrs. Claus if this is something they will be offering this year. (average cost is $175 for 5-10 minutes). We can possibly also combine a Santa "Sneak-a-Peak" with Mrs. Clauses "Tuck-In". Please contact us for more information.




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Christmas Performer Rates

Note About Professional Christmas Performers Rates: A professional Santa/Mrs. Claus (Jenny Kringle) has an enormous expense to become a professional performer. Workshop/School can be anywhere from $250 up to $1,000 or more depending on how much education the performer wants to receive. Most performers go to at least one or more workshops a year. Suits can cost from $400 up to $3,000. Professional Santa/Mrs. Claus usually don't use off the rack or out of the bag costumes. In fact, they most have wardrobes of outfits full of optional clothing. Belts and buckles can cost from $100 to $600 or more. Boots can cost from $100 to $1,000 or more. Bells run from $50 to $300. Background checks have a fee, performers insurance cost can be up to $400 or more. And if Santa has any other options, props, chairs, photo-background, accessories (bells, hat pins, etc.) they can also have a hefty price tag. They have hair maintenance costs, gas mileage, marking, website and handout costs. Please realize that just because you invest in the "red suit" does not make you a professional, it has to do with how a Santa/Mrs. Claus represents himself with his/her talents. How he interacts with your child/grandchild or guests, and it is  what comes from the heart of any performer that really counts. It is all about creating Christmas memories. You may be just looking for that perfect picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus, but remember that a photo only captures the moment but it is our desire to create lasting memories! 

Here are some standard rates throughout the US.




If you are ready to schedule a booking, please click on the Request a Quote" button below and Santa will contact you within three business days to schedule a consultation to go over your event, and to get you a price. You can also book directly with secured Gig-Salad service.


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