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Welcome, all aspiring Santa's and lovers of Christmas! Are you looking to enhance your Santa skills or just wan to immerse yourself in the magical world of Christmas? Look no further than "Santa's Workshop Links - your ultimate guide to all things Santa!"
Below is a comprehensive list of Internet links where current and future Santa's can build-up their Santa-Self. Whether you're in a need of a new Santa suit, accessories, or even a Santa network to connect with other Santa's we've got you covered. Plus, we've compiled a list of Santa schools and resources to help you hone your Santa skills and become the best Santa you can be. So what are you waiting for? Click on the links below and explore the wonderful world of "Santa's Workshop."  From costumes to networks and everything in between, we've got your covered on your journey to becoming the ultimate Santa Claus!
* Posting a link to a third-party site does not indicate an endorsement of that site or business. Santa Doug LLC reserves the right to make all decisions whether or not to include an external link, and can remove or add any link at any time. 


International Santa Clause Hall of Fame

Hire Santa (Booking Agency)

Santa Visits USA (Booking Agency)

Santa Clause Network

IBRBS (International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa's)

National Santa Membership

Santa Claus Podcast

Kringle Tracker  (Software for Santa's Business)

School For Santa's

Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School

Worldwide Santa Claus Network (School)

Christmas Performer Workshops (School)

Kringle University (School)

Northern Lights Santa Academy (School)

Pro Santa School (School)

Santa Nana's Holiday University (School)

Santa and the Driver (Steve & Debra Gillham )

S.O.S School of Santa's


Santa America (Volunteer Organization: Autism, Hospice, PTSD)

North Pole Marketing

North Pole Cornerstones

Toys Through the Years


The Bob, Randyl and Company Live Show ( MONDAYS: YouTube Live Video )

The Tuesday Night Live Show (TUESDAYS: YouTube Live Video )

North Pole Radio Podcast 

North Pole Radio 

The Professional Santa Claus Podcast 

The Professional Santa Claus Podcast



Making of Santa (Great Starter Book, Highly Recommend)

Beyond the Beard (Exploring the Collective History of Santa)

Behind the Red Suit (Book)

Man in the Red Suite: A Memoir (Book)

Becoming Santa Documentary (DVD)

Got2b Glued Blast (Freeze Hairspray)

Men's White Pirate Shirt

White Beaded Parade Gloves (great for turning books)

Ridetecs 16" Motorcycle Leather Boots

Long Hair Boot Cuffs



Costumes for Santa

Planet Santa

Pro Santa Shop

Santa & Co. LLC

Adele's of Hollywood

Morris Costumes (Halco)

Santa Tailor

Sew Santa

Costume Magic


Santa’s Closet

Best Prescription Santa Glasses

Quality Santa Glasses

Hampton Roads Santa Items

Santa North Pole Outlet

Stuff for Santa

Santa's One Stop Shop

North Pole Outfitter

Thermapparel Cooling Vest

Live Bearded Claus Products (Beard Products)

Santa Scents (Beard Products)

My Dapper Donkey (Mrs. Claus Hats)

Beard Brand (Beard Products - Tree Ranger Smells like Pine and Cedar)

Sleigh Master (Beard Products)

Sleigh Driver (Apparel Products)

Santa Beard & Wig (designer beards & wigs)

Custom Wig Co. (designer beards & wigs)

Santa Resource Links

Camera Ready Make-Up (Beard Whitening )

BenNye Snow White Hair Color

Mehron Hair White

Custom Santa Hats

Sleigh Boy  (Apparel)

Colored Santa Suits & Hats

Arrow Leather Products

New Creation Leather Craft (belts and more)

Reindeer Cards & Books

Santa's Bathing Suit (Bathing Suits, Carpet Bags [good prop bag] and more.)

Sports Clothing Jerseys/Jackets (They have Christmas Designs)

Santa Jerry's Portable Chair

I Met Santa Stickers

I Met Mrs. Claus Stickers

Personalized Santa Stickers

Santa RenShirts (Santa Shirts)

Roberta B Wells Shirt (Santa Shirts)

Best Santa Outfit

Belts and Bells

Santa Tim's Workshop (Designer Santa Hats & Digital Backdrops)

Magic Meter

Santa Magic (Santa Insurance through Larry Talbert, and magic items)

Classic Bells

Santa Makeup Kit

Jacquiel Lawson (digital Christmas Cards)

Kate Back Drops (Photographer Backdrops)

Epic Id's (Christmas Identifications)

Digital Business Card Platform (great wrist bands)

House Claus (great scarf)

Scrolls Unlimited (Christmas Scrolls, Candy Cane Scrolls, Custom Scrolls)

Commercial Christmas Supplies

Throne Kingdom (Santa Thrones)

Personalized Wrapping Paper

Medieval Collectibles

Christmas Patches & Coins

Santa Short Top Hat



Poem by: By Santa Philip D. Gurganus

Reindeer Cards .pdf | Reindeer Cards .doc |


Naughty & Nice List in Elvish .pdf |


| Child Questionnaire.pdf |Child Questionnaire.doc|

Nice Certificate.pdf |

 |Prep & Landing w/fireplace.doc|Prep & Landing w/no fireplace.doc|

| Giver-Bell Ornament Identification Tag.pdf |

 |Click Here to Order Brass Bells to Go with Tag |

| Christmas Coloring Book Pages |

 Candy Cane Story |

(Print off and wrap around candy canes)

  (Short-Stories Written by Doug Van Der Weide)

Feel free to print these stories out and share them with your children. I personally laminated them on old fashioned paper and use them with props to share stories with my children. The stories are written in a Dr. Seuss style and are short enough that you can elaborate on the story or you can tell several stories during your visits. These stories can also be great for Mrs. Claus to read while Santa holds and shows a related prop. 

|Christmas Tree Origins | How Santa Met Mrs. Claus | How Santa's Reindeer Fly | Light of Christmas | North Pole Reindeer Baseball | North Star | Peppermint Dust | Santa Sneaks | Tim the Elf | Santa Cookies | Santa's Magic Key | Santa's Top Reindeer | The Reason for the Season |Mrs. Claus's Keys | Santa's Bugle - Sounding in Christmas | Santa's Reindeer Whistle | Spirit of Christmas Tower Magic Key and Three Wise Men | Magical Snowflake (Leon McBryde story| North Pole Volcanic Rock | Rupes Nigra White Volcanic Rock | White Feather Story (Steve Gillham's story) |Christmas Spider (old European story)  |Christmas Spider Book Version 


If you use an iPhone you can download an app called "TWINS" which will allow you to split screen. This app cost me $20 for a lifetime purchase. It allows me to have the audio and script on one screen. At the top of the script I also put an image that looks like you are on the phone with someone at the North Pole. That way if a kids looks over your shoulder you can quick scroll up to the image. 

Script | Broke Assembly Line | Naughty or Nice on Edge | Naughty/Nice: Adult | Alarm in the Power Room |

(Click on Image Above to See an Example)

Contract.pdf | Contract.doc | Child Questionnaire.pdf | Child Questionnaire.doc

| Event Details Form.pdf | Event Details Form.doc |


 Doug LLC reserves the right to make all decisions whether or not to include an external link, and can remove or add any link at any time. 

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